Deborah Gouffran | Brad Pitt at “Fury” Paris Premiere
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Brad Pitt at “Fury” Paris Premiere

Watch the video including interviews with actors Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman and director David Ayer on AP’s website >>




Brad Pitt said his latest film “Fury” has made him a “better father” at the movie’s red carpet event in Paris on Saturday (18 October).


Pitt and fellow cast members all spoke of being changed after filming David Ayer’s WWII action-packed drama, which tells the story of the five members of an American tank unit in Germany during the last months of the war.


Standing in front of a real Sherman tank used by Americans during WW2 and in the film, actor Brad Pitt said “Fury” was not about “killing nazis”, but about “the human experience, the accumulation of trauma to the psyche, of everything you witness, of everything you’re having to do that is not innate to our humanity.”


Pitt, who married actress Angelina Jolie in a secret wedding over the summer, was wearing his gold wedding band.

He spoke with emotion of “seeing the flag through the soldiers’ eyes: “I was surprisingly moved by it.”


Ayer’s “Fury” aims to portray the reality of the war and its effect on the soldiers, both physically and emotionally.

His cast prepared by undergoing several months of intense bootcamp-style training and met with WWII veterans to hear their stories.


Actor Shia LaBeouf explained how he decided not to shower during the entire four months of filming:

“During our prep, I met a veteran named Comfy Cosy, who’s a British TC, who told me he had one pair of socks for three years and that he took two showers in the course of his three year tour. So I figured if we’re only filming for four months, I’d give it everything I got and it changed the dynamic of how people dealt with you. It’s a dangerous thing you know.”


Being confined inside a Sherman tank proved a bonding experience for the five actors, as director David Ayer recalled:

“Normal movie set, you do your work, you go home. They would stay, they would help each other, they’d work together. Brad would be on the set when he didn’t have to. Shia would be there to help Brad, even if he wasn’t on the camera. So they were really connected, but it was very difficult. It was emotionally difficult. They did a great job, but I think they suffered in this movie, in this work.”


For up and coming actor Logan Lerman, who plays the second title role in the film, making Fury was a “humbling experience”.

David Ayer’s film changed all five actors, whom, just as soldiers would develop unbreakable bonds with their fellow war buddies, have now become “like bothers” to one another according to actor Jon Bernthal.

“These guys are all a part of me now,” he said. “They live in my heart, they’re burned into my soul and I know them. they are like brothers to me and this changes my life.”


The film will close the London Film Festival Sunday (19 October) with a gala premiere.


“Fury” debuted on Friday (17 Oct.) in the US and opens in the UK and France on Wednesday 22nd October.



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